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Highly specialized wealth management services Surgeons Capital Management

Why have a team of specialists help manage your financial life?

You’ve worked for years to perfect your skills and your patients demand precision and the highest level of service from you. That’s why you need a team of wealth management professionals highly specialized working in the medical field to match that level, and who understand your need to protect and grow your assets over time.

There's a Difference

What sets Surgeons Capital Management apart from other wealth management firms is our keen understanding of your financial needs as a surgical professional. We believe in forming a working relationship with you to identify and create both a financial/retirement plan as well as an investment strategy.

Our three core operating principles are based on these objectives:



Minimize tax burdens from multiple income sources


Risk Management

Help reduce risk of losses from volatile markets and inflation


Legacy Planning

Build multigenerational wealth plans to leave a legacy for your family

Your One-Stop Service Provider for All Things Financially Related

You are busy, and need a team that can provide you with an array of financial services while minimizing the amount of time you spend on organizing your finances. Here are examples of the services we
can provide to you:

Sophisticated financial and retirement planning
Tax planning
Risk management assessment
planning strategies
Multigenerational wealth transfer planning

Why Surgeons Need to Consider Asset Location Along with Asset Allocation

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What You Can Expect From Surgeons Capital Management

You have a unique list of issues and challenges. We understand them. This gives us a major advantage in providing what
you need most.

Connect With Us at
Surgical Conferences

Attending conferences across the United States allows us to hear directly from Surgeons about their financial challenges and objectives, as well as to understand the economic trends shaping the healthcare industry. On average, we typically attend 15+ conferences each year, including the Orthopaedic Summit (OSET), the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS), and the Spine Summit (AANS). We invite you to visit our current conference page and connect with us in the near future. 

Take Control of Your Investments

Between the lifesaving work you do and sometimes-scarce personal days, we know your time is priceless. When we handle your financial chores, you can get back to the people and work you love.

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